Back to school with CAFOD

18 December 2017

Top tips and education resources for the new year

Are you getting ready to go back to school, or are you planning a new parish programme this January? Here are our top tips and tools for the new year:

1) Get ready for Lent with our resources

Look out for your Lent pack that we mailed to schools this month. It's packed with ideas to help children and young people take the give it up Lent challenge! Find online resources including assemblies, films, and resources for prayer and worship.

2) Order print materials

We've mailed our Lent poster and sample stickers and collection boxes to you, but you can order more Lent resources, as well as other print resources in online shop

3) Browse our resources

Explore our website to find resources to learn, campaign, pray and fundraise with primary and secondary schools.

4) Book a CAFOD visitor

Contact us to find out about our amazing team of trained volunteers who are visiting schools this Lent to deliver assemblies and workshops to introduce the Lent give it up challenge.

5) Take action this term

Add your voice to our Power to be campaign calling on the World Bank to do more to support access to renewable energy overseas. Find primary and secondary resources to campaign this term. 

6) Hear about the experiences of our gap year volunteers

Our team of volunteers are travelling to either Sierra Leone or El Salvador and Nicaragua in January. Follow their blogs, and welcome them on social media!

7) Book INSET for your school

Did you know we offer training on GCSE RE, Catholic Social Teaching, Laudato Si’ and much more for Secondary schools? Contact us for information.

8) Children’s liturgies and Confirmation

Download our weekly children’s liturgies to run your children’s liturgies classes, and find our Confirmation resources that can be adapted to any Confirmation programme.

9) YouTube best picks

Take a look at the bank of films for children and young people. Bookmark our videos page for films to use in school and parish this term.

10) Order our free global wallplanners

Looking for a planner for the new year? We still have our bright and colourful A1 academic year primary or secondary wall planners for you to order.

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