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2 January 2020

Hold a fun football fundraiser this Lent

Find out how CAFOD are helping communities in the Amazon to defend their land and support the health of the planet.

Top tips and education resources for the new year

Are you getting ready for a new term in January? Here are our top tips and tools for the new year.

1) Defend the rainforest and its people with CAFOD this Lent

Every minute in the Amazon, an area of rainforest bigger than a football pitch is destroyed. Homes – and lives – are being lost as indigenous people’s rights are ignored. That is why we are standing with them as they defend their lives, their homes and their way of life. 

Explore the Amazon this Lent and access our range of online resources for lessons, fundraising, prayer and worship 

2) Hold a fun football fundraiser

Join CAFOD’s Lent 2020 campaign and hold a fun football fundraiser to protect people and their land.

Look out for your Lent pack being mailed to your school this January. It's packed with ideas to help children and young people hold a football fundraiser to help communities in the Amazon to defend their land and support the health of the planet!

3) Browse our collective worship resources

Our pupil-led collective worship resources for Catholic primary schools and secondary schools includes a simple planning template and guide, plus loads more ideas for children and young people to plan their own collective worship.

4) Explore our new education resources

Take a look at our education webpages to find resources to learn, campaign, pray and fundraise with primary and secondary schools.

5) Book a CAFOD visitor

Contact us to find out about our amazing team of trained volunteers who are visiting schools this term to deliver assemblies and workshops.

6) Book on to CAFOD’s free CPD

Make the most of our new Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning CPD, supported by the British Council, to enrich the life of your school. Contact us for information.

7) Set up a CAFOD Club in your school

CAFOD clubs are a great way to join with other Catholic primary schools to help build a brighter world and support your pupils to live out their faith. Contact us to find out more.

8) Keep in touch!

Follow @CAFODschools on Twitter and Instagram, or sign up for our primary school and secondary school newsletters to keep up to date with news and our latest free resources.

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