Save lives not money this Black Friday

25 November 2021

Each one of CAFOD's World Gifts helps those living in poverty. And poverty doesn't do price cuts - so we don't do Black Friday.

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While Black Friday can give us an opportunity to save money on Christmas gifts, it mainly encourages buying items we don't need and adding to the amount of waste we create at Christmas!

COP26 in Glasgow has really emphasised that we all need to make real changes to prevent the climate crisis getting even worse. While we pray that our governments make the right commitments, it's important that we as individuals make the right choices too. The new World Gifts for 2021 are all focused on our response to the climate crisis and how we can work with people to help them to adapt to the changing weather and increasingly challenging circumstances they are living in.

Fighting fires in the Amazon

Indigenous fire fighters  Brazil

Indigenous fire brigade in Brazil

Paula  is a mother and member of the Indigenous Environment Protection Brigade who live with her family in the northern Brazilian Amazon. Her community has seen first hand the impact of the climate crisis. With increased periods of drought and flooding, their land is hard to manage and increasingly vulnerable to "hot spots". These hot spots increase the likelihood of fires spreading and damaging large areas of the rainforest. 

Paula volunteers as an indigenous fire fighter. Her brigade monitors hot spots, manages the land and extinguishes fires to stop them spreading. On top of this, they work hard to train local communities to ensure farmers manage their land in a way that won't cause or worsen the risk of fires spreading. 

You can help to support people like Paula by buying the Fight fires in the Amazon gift, which can provide an indigenous fire brigade with the tools they need to manage the land. Not only will your gift support some of the most vulnerable people in the world, but you'll avoid the waste that comes with so many Christmas presents. 

Help to fight fires in the Amazon

Poverty doesn't do price cuts

This Black Friday, by bagging a World Gifts 'bargain' you will make an enormous difference to children and families living in poverty.

We've hand-picked our five favourite World Gifts that are the perfect ethical alternatives to Black Friday madness!

The net that protects

Save a baby's life this Christmas for just £7 with a mosquito net. You couldn't ask for a better bargain!

Buy a net that protects for £7

The goat that gives

A friendly source of nutritious milk, this is one special goat. No kidding!

Buy a goat that gives for £28

Solar lamp

A solar lamp allows life to carry on after nightfall without burning dangerous and toxic fuels.

Buy a solar lamp for £30

Emergency shelter

By providing a roof over a refugee family's heads this Christmas, our emergency shelter gift offers real value for money.

Buy an emergency shelter for £40

Marvellous moo cow

Our big-ticket item, this cow is a fantastic money saver for a family overseas as it's five gifts in one. Moovellous!

Buy a marvellous moo cow for £150

Free delivery before 15 December

Goat that gives illustration

Goat that gives World Gift

Place your order online by midnight on 15 December to receive free delivery on your gifts and they'll arrive in time for Christmas!

Need it faster than that? Choose Express Delivery for £5 by noon on 20 December and receive your gifts within 1-2 working days. That's still too long to wait? You can choose to print your card at home, or go green and send an e-card instead.

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