International Day of Charity

5 September 2017

Join our CAFOD campaigns for young people, including our refugee campaign.

Young leaders at a CAFOD training day.

Today it’s International Day of Charity and we would like to say a big thank you to all of the Catholic schools have supported CAFOD in the last academic year.

From bright Harvest ideas, fishy fundraising at Lent, to sunshine campaigning for the Power to be campaign, thank you so much for all you have done to support CAFOD.

Celebrating your achievements

Here are some highlights of your fantastic support:

  • 200 schools have taken part in the Power to be campaign, calling on the government to support renewable energy overseas. 

Get involved: Join the schools – make a sun display campaign in your primary or secondary school

  • 1,037 schools raised £600,000 at Harvest Fast Day, Lent Fast Day, World Gifts, cake sales, non-uniform days, talent shows and sponsored events. Thank you all so much.

Get involved: Plan a fundraiser this term with our Brighten Up Harvest resources

  • 1,003 schools welcomed a CAFOD visitor into their school last year, and took part in workshops and assemblies to learn about fish in Zambia, food projects in Bolivia, and Pope Francis’ message about caring for the world in Laudato Si’.

Get involved: Book a CAFOD volunteer this term

  • 276 secondary schools registered for the free KS3 and GCSE RE resources and thousands of students have been learning about Catholic Social Teaching, Laudato Si’, and faith in action in their RE lessons.

Get involved: Register for our free RE resources for your lessons 

School charity of the year

A great way to support CAFOD in your school is to make us your charity of the year.

Make CAFOD your school charity in primary school

There are so many ways to get involved with CAFOD. Support us through the year by spreading the word about what we do, organising fun fundraising events, taking part in our campaigns and keeping in touch with us on social media. Feel free to contact us at if you'd like any support.

Choose CAFOD as a school charity in secondary school

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