CAFOD welcomes 16 dioceses switching to renewable energy

25 July 2016

CAFOD supporters with livesimply signs

CAFOD supporters showing signs of what it means to live simply.

We are delighted that 16 dioceses are to switch to using energy from renewable sources including wind and solar power. In total, thousands of Catholics parishes across 16 of the 22 Catholic dioceses in England and Wales will now be buying their energy from suppliers of renewable energy.

The switch is important because using the fossil fuels traditionally relied upon to provide energy contributes to climate change, which has a big impact on CAFOD’s work and the people we serve.

CAFOD has been campaigning for action to tackle climate change, including a shift away from fossil fuels, because our partners tell us that the impacts of the changing climate is making life harder for the world’s poorest communities.

Under the new arrangement, Churchmarketplace, a group that buys services for the Catholic Church in England and Wales, and Interdiocesan Fuel Mananagement will provide renewable energy services for the dioceses of Arundel and Brighton, Birmingham, Cardiff, Clifton, East Anglia, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Menevia, Middlesbrough, Northampton, Nottingham, Plymouth, Salford, Shrewsbury and Westminster. Combining their purchasing power means it’s estimated the dioceses will save £180,000 collectively on their energy bill. The remaining dioceses are expected to join the scheme when they are able.

Update (January 2017): Two more dioceses have joined the scheme - Wrexham and Southwark - bringing the total to 18 dioceses.

Update (July 2017): Portsmouth and Hallam dioceses have now also joined the scheme.

Response to Pope Francis

The move to renewable energy is part of a wider Catholic movement to shift away from fossil fuels, to renewable sources of energy, as Catholics across England and Wales respond to the messages of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ by doing their bit to care for our common home.

Daniel Hale, Head of Campaigns at CAFOD, said: “This is great news, as switching to renewable energy is a practical way to respond to Laudato Si’ and one which demonstrates the Catholic community’s desire to work together and to care for the earth, our common home, and our neighbours.”

And you can be an important part of the movement away from fossil fuels! It’s easy to switch your home energy to a renewable energy supplier.

Pope Francis gives us hope that each person, parish and diocese can play their part in caring for our common home, and each other. 

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