Best 5 Easter fundraising ideas

18 February 2019

Share the joy this Easter! From egg hunts to Easter garden, chocolate to arts and crafts, let’s celebrate Jesus’ risen life. Try these 5 fun activities and help bring a new life, a life free of poverty, to more families around the world.

1. Easter Egg Hunts

Always popular in my family! You could either hide lots of mini eggs and let the children loose (just charge an entry rate).

Or you could write clues, sell a copy of the clues to participants, and reward them with an Easter egg at the end. The clues tend to work best for older children.

Collect donations and Give online to make a difference to families around the world. 

Remember to share photos of your Easter egg hunts with us on Twitter

2. Make an Easter garden

Stations of the Cross in Puentecitos

Stations of the Cross in Puentecitos

Fantastic for parishes, schools or children’s groups!

  1. Hold a competition to design an Easter garden in shoe box.
  2. The gardens can be made of foliage, coloured card, or anything you like.
  3. You could charge £2 to enter and award an Easter egg to the winner.

3. Easter cake sale 

Do you love baking? Have a cake sale!

This could be after Church, at school, or invite friends round for a charity afternoon tea.

Get into the Easter spirit with some Simnel cake, chocolate cake and rice crispy nests.

You don’t have to be Mary Berry, just have fun and eat cake!

Download a cake sale fundraising guide

4. Plant sale

Herbs grown by volunteers at Norwich Cathedral

Herbs grown by volunteers at Norwich Cathedral

Spring bulbs cheer everyone up after the winter.

You could grow plants yourself or buy bulbs and plants from your local flower market or garden centre.

Set up a stall after Mass to sell them on with the donations going to CAFOD’s Lent appeal.

Also, our Seeds of Hope World Gift could be the perfect gift for a green-fingered friend this Easter. It provides seeds for a vegetable plot that can feed a hungry family for a whole year. 

5. Easter bonnets and egg decorating

Feeling creative? Invite your group to paint eggs and decorate bonnets. You could use hard boiled eggs, ribbons, flowers, paints and any craft materials you in the cupboard.  

Holding a traditional Easter bonnet parade is a fun fundraiser for children. They can make their own bonnets at home or in school and make a donation to enter the parade.

Thank you for your support this Eastertide! God bless you and your families. 

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