Your support has held us up and given us strength

3 April 2021

A personal thank you from CAFOD's Director

Christine Allen CAFOD Director

Christine Allen, CAFOD Director

I'm Christine, CAFOD's Director, and I wanted to say a very personal thank you to all of you who have supported CAFOD and our work, particularly this Lent.

It’s been such a difficult year for so many of us, and yet your efforts, your walking for water, your sponsorship, your donations, your campaigning and your prayers have held us up and given us strength.

Thank you.

Walking for Water

It’s this support that allows us to continue reaching out with practical help to those who need it most, like Abdella in Afar, Ethiopia, who you’ve met through the Lent appeal this year.

Like hundreds of people in the area, he spends most of the day walking to get water for his family. Just like you and I though, he has dreams of having his own home and a business.

You have been part of an incredible community, coming together to walk in solidarity with those like Abdella, who have to walk for hours to collect water.

Continuing the fight against coronavirus

As the UK’s vaccination programme rolls out, we do remain acutely conscious of the impact of coronavirus, not just here, but also around the world, in places with healthcare systems not as good as our own.

Coronavirus has impacted communities in every country in which CAFOD works.

And as part of Caritas International, one of the largest aid networks in the world, we’re able to support local experts, working in some of the most remote and difficult to reach places in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

And because of your incredible response, these local experts have been supporting some of the most vulnerable communities, whose lives have been devastated by the impact of coronaviorus.

Just like here, it’s food provision, it’s livelihood support, but of course, in contexts very different to our own.

See our continued fight against coronavirus in pictures

We’ve lost many people this year, and the pandemic has exacerbated the inequality and injustices in our world, but with your support, we are helping people to survive, rebuild and heal.

Bringing about a better world

And at Easter we’ll celebrate the Resurrection, and we will give thanks that we have been saved through Christ Jesus, but this Easter will renew us.

And we pray that Easter will also inspire us, as we commit ourselves to do what we can to bring about a better world.

Use our Easter prayers

For we are Easter people, filled with hope. Filled with love. And through your hope and love as part of the CAFOD family, you make a huge difference to the lives of those who suffer poverty and injustice.

Thank you all for being such a blessing.

Have an Easter filled with hope

On behalf of all of us at CAFOD, I send you our best wishes for Easter.

May it be for you, a celebration of joy, hope and renewal.

God Bless you,

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Christine Allen, CAFOD Director

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