Laudato Si': creation is a caress of God

6 July 2015

Diego watering plants with his mother in El Salvador

Diego watering plants with his mother in San Salvador.

Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’, includes a prophetic cry against climate change, which harms our fellow creatures and vulnerable communities across the world.

But it also fills us with hope. The encyclical echoes a song of joy and wonder for the gift of creation. The earth speaks of God’s boundless affection for us all, especially for our sisters and brothers living in poverty. We are moved to give thanks to God, in union with all creatures. 

Find prayers inspired by Laudato Si’

“When we can see God reflected in all that exists, our hearts are moved to praise the Lord for all his creatures and praise him in union with them.” Laudato Si’ #87

CAFOD is inspired by many communities across the world who are living peacefully with the earth. Lazaro Gutierrez is a school teacher in Nicaragua, who teaches the children to care for the environment. Lazaro says, “Let’s love our Mother Earth. Don’t let’s destroy it. And in so doing we will show our gratitude for all that God has given us.”

Download our reflection on Laudato Si’ 

Pray for our common home

Pope Francis calls us to a new spirituality, to “live wisely, to think deeply and to love generously”. Instead of wanting to consume more and more, we are reminded that true happiness is found “in service, in contact with nature, in prayer”.

Join us to pray and reflect in the spirit of Laudato Si’. Here are our tips:

  • Go outside and appreciate the gift of creation. Pray for guidance to see how everything reveals God’s love. Be still. Breathe. Give thanks.
  • Find prayers to say on your own or as a group. You could include these in your parish newsletter over the summer. Find prayers inspired by Laudato Si’
  • Organise a reflection in your parish, and be inspired by the voices of our sisters and brothers speaking out for the love of creation across the world. Download the Laudato Si’ reflection
  • Go deeper on reflecting on the environment and our faith. Watch videos by leading Theologians, and explore Church teaching on the environment. Find climate reflections
  • Pope Francis says we are “united as brothers and sisters on a wonderful pilgrimage.” Continue to journey with Laudato Si’ throughout the year. Pre-order a study guide 
  • Put your faith into action, and speak out against climate change. You can show you care for our common home by switching to renewable energy.

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