What to spend your extra Christmas money on

26 December 2018

Christmas day has come and gone. The presents are opened, we’ve all eaten far too much, and the Queen has given her speech. St Stephen’s Day is now here and you gaze around at your piles of gifts and cash from Granny – but what to do next? World Gifts is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas, but the funds continue to change lives all over the world throughout the year. For that feel-good factor in the post Christmas slump, how about you buy yourself a World Gift?

Got a spare tenner?

Just £7 will pay for a World Gift mosquito net to protect families from malaria. Didn’t spend quite as much as you thought you would this year? We have a whole range of gifts for £10 and under. From a Happy queen bee at £4, having a queen means more bees which means more honey! To a Net that protects for £7, providing a treated mosquito net to keep families safe from deadly diseases. We’ve also got a host of gifts at exactly £10: Teach someone to read, seeds and training for a Vegetable garden and Wonderful worms to make arid land fertile. Choose an eCard or print-at-home option to avoid any postage costs and give yourself a smile.

Belated Christmas catch-up?

World Gifts - Help a llama farmer Let’s be honest, the run up to Christmas is so busy that we often don’t manage to see all of our loved ones before the big day. You’re almost certainly seeing a couple of people you couldn’t fit into December once January hits, and you almost certainly weren’t organised enough to buy them a gift already. By choosing a print at home or ecard option you can get your gift instantly, so no last-minute rush around the shops in January. We’ve got some great new gifts such as Help a llama farmer £27 or a Period pack for £10. Don’t leave those loved one’s feeling like you didn’t have time for them, or a present!

Granny was super generous this year!

Each year Granny seems to give us too much money in a Christmas card, often with the message ‘Buy yourself something nice!’. Well what could be nicer than helping someone in poverty across the world? At Christmas, more than any other time of year, we remember those less fortunate than ourselves. Think how pleased Granny would be to hear that, as well as that new pair of shoes, you paid for training and fish to set someone up with a fish farm (Fantastic fish is only £20), or even providing safe clean Water for a family, for £33.

Someone got you an unexpected gift 

You agreed not to buy each other gifts but, of course, when it came to it there was a beautifully wrapped treat waiting for you under the tree. Don’t worry, it’s never too late to reciprocate. Whether it’s a small gesture or something bigger, we’ll have a gift at the right price.

Whatever the reason, if you have a few gold coins left over from your stocking, choose World Gifts and change lives.

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