Family Fast Day Friday 5 October: Speak up like Sam and give someone a voice!

28 September 2018

Family Fast Day is on Friday 5 October. On that day and throughout October, people like you will be standing up in Mass to speak out for people in poverty.

Sam from our campaigns team recently stood up and gave the talk for us – here’s how she did.

Speaking at Mass and giving a Family Fast Day talk is so important because it brings the struggles that the poorest people around the world face into the pews in your parish.

It is not always easy. Many of us aren’t natural speakers. Many of us aren’t confident standing up in front of others.

Speak up!: Top tips for speaking at Mass

  1. Download a copy of the Family Fast Day short talk.
  2. Practise reading the talk. Read it to a family member or a friend, or even out loud to yourself. Watch Sam for some pointers!
  3. Arrive at the church early so that you can introduce yourself to the parish Priest, and sit near the front.
  4. Take a small bottle of water with you in case you get thirsty.
  5. Remember that it is normal to feel a bit nervous when speaking in public, but you are doing a great thing by speaking on behalf of CAFOD and our partners.  

What your voice can do

Lilian is a widow with two young children living in Zambia. She lives with HIV and when she first got very sick, she struggled.

Through the local experts that we work with, Lilian was nursed back to health and then supported with counselling and medicine. She later received training in business skills, and then how to become a caregiver herself. Thanks to donations from supporters like you, Lilian’s life was transformed from needing help, to giving care to others. 

Download our Family Fast Day short talk and stand up for people like Lilian 

Donate to the Family Fast Day appeal to give more people around the world a voice

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