Five reasons a gift in your will can mean the world to people overseas

8 September 2017

Gifts in wills are crucial to helping the world's poorest communities. Here are our top five reasons to include a gift to CAFOD in your will. 

1)   With a gift in your will…you are living out your faith

A legacy gift in your will is an incredibly special gift. It’s a testament to the people and values you believe in. And it’s a real source of encouragement to communities overseas to know that you care about them enough to include them in your will.

Mwila Mulumbi, our country representative in Zambia, told us: “When I first learnt how much of CAFOD’s work is made possible by gifts left in supporters’ wills, I couldn't believe it... I wish I could describe how much it means to us to know that you care. With you beside us, we can face whatever challenges the future may bring.”  What a wonderful way to live out your faith, hope and love.

Read more about leaving a gift to CAFOD

2)   With a gift in your will…you stand by communities in the future

By including CAFOD in your will, you will be making sure our work with the world’s poorest communities will be possible in the future.

We all want to see a world where justice can flourish and people don’t have to go without their basic rights to food, clean water and safety. But we know that we are facing complex challenges ahead. We can’t predict the future, but a gift to CAFOD in your will means that in years to come, communities facing hardship will have the support they need to live with dignity.

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3)   With a gift in your will…your legacy will help those who need it most

Legacy gifts are vital to our work: more than a tenth of our work is only possible thanks to gifts in wills. Because most legacy gifts are not restricted to a particular area of work, they give us the confidence to commit to long-term development work tackling the deep-rooted causes of poverty and injustice that we might not find funding for otherwise. This work is difficult and takes time, but brings about real, lasting change.

Legacy gifts are also essential for us to respond immediately when natural disasters and emergencies hit. As soon as we get news, we can release funds to our partners who are on the ground already, saving lives straight away.

Leave a legacy that saves lives. Watch our film to see how CAFOD responds in emergencies and natural disasters 

4)   With a gift in your will…you can go beyond what you do already

Many supporters tell us they want to include a gift to CAFOD in their will because it will be the most substantial gift they can make. George and Laura, supporters from London, told us: “We’ve supported CAFOD for many years and a gift in my will seemed another good way to be involved. In fact, a legacy gift enables us to go beyond what we can do now.”

Depending on your circumstances, leaving a gift to charity in your will might also help reduce inheritance tax. Find out more about inheritance tax and other frequently asked questions about will-writing

5)   With a gift in your will…you’re part of a global family

We may be separated by land and sea; we may speak different languages, have different customs and different opportunities, but we are all part of “one single human family”, as Pope Francis says in Laudato Si’.

A legacy gift is a great example of the love and responsibility we share with our global family and future generations. CAFOD's Zambia representative Mwila explains: “It's very moving to know that we are thousands of miles apart yet your heart is so full of love for your brothers and sisters around the world that you remember people alongside your own family and friends.”

Call Hannah on 020 7095 5367 or email to find out more about including a gift in your will to CAFOD.

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