Five reasons to give a goat this Christmas

19 November 2021

World Gifts Ethiopian girl holding a goat

Buy the World Gifts Goat that gives and bring a smile to the lives of others

The goat that gives is one of our most popular virtual World Gifts. Here are five reasons why this goat makes the perfect charity Christmas present - no kidding!

This World Gifts goat...

... makes a real difference

Carfi Sara and his family

Carfi Sara and his family

Carfi Sara was given goats by CAFOD after a drought killed his other animals. 

"Before your help, we were paralysed by poverty. I was desperate. My children would see their friends drinking milk and they would be envious”

Now Carfi's children have milk to drink and share with others. They are even able to go to school. “I can’t believe how different life is for me and my family."

Buy a Goat that gives and make a real difference this Christmas

... is three gifts in one

A goat can provide a family with up to 12 pints of milk a week to drink or sell. Its poo works as free fertiliser to help grow crops. And kid goats can be sold at market, or given to other families. This is the goat that keeps on giving!

... comes with proper training

Goat that gives illustration

Goat that gives World Gift

Our goat gift includes training so that the family receiving the animal can learn how to care for it and keep it healthy. So do all our animal gifts.

We also always give families an animal that has come from their local area – we never ship live animals (or other goods) overseas. This is important to support local economies, to ensure that animals are adapted to their environment, and for animal welfare.

Choose an ethical present

... fights poverty

When you buy a World Gift goat, your donation goes into our animals and farming fund so that we can assess what each family needs most.

If a family living in poverty doesn’t have enough space to look after a goat, or the time to care for it properly, then we can provide different support like seeds or training.

Read more about how World Gifts work

... fits on the mantlepiece

World Gifts Christmas card

World Gifts Christmas card

When you buy a World Gift, whether it’s a Goat that gives, a Net that protects, or Drought-resistant crops, the gift isn’t sent to you, but to poor families in developing countries.

So if you’re buying the gift on behalf of a friend, don’t worry, they won’t end up with a goat on their doorstep one morning!

Instead you get to send them one of our gorgeous Christmas giftcards that explains which gift has been bought in their name.

Buy a Goat that gives for Christmas

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