Ethical Giving with CAFOD on Giving Tuesday

27 November 2018

Life-changing loan illustration

Life-changing loan

This Giving Tuesday, Becky Such our World Gifts Coordinator muses on the benefits of giving to others and introduces the new World Gifts for 2018.

Becky - World Gifts Co-ordinator

Becky - World Gifts Co-ordinator at CAFOD

Black Friday, which seems to have become Black November, has thrown up so much advertising it’s hard not to be tempted. I have Yorkshire genes which I’ve been told means I simply can’t resist a bargain. But with scenes of mass-buying, fights at checkouts and independent shops simply not being able to keep up, it doesn’t make me feel particularly good. That’s where Giving Tuesday comes in!

Why give?

Giving Tuesday first came onto my radar a couple of years ago, but it’s actually been in the UK since 2014. Since then it has become a national day for doing good and donating to charities. Working for a charity makes me rather biased as to why we should give to others, but after some research I found that giving has been scientifically proven to make us feel good! Giving gives us an improved level of self-esteem, which in turn leads to a lower risk of depression – which in turn contributes to better physical health!

What to give?

World Gifts is a way of giving two-fold. By buying a World Gift you are giving life-changing training and resources to someone living in poverty. On top of this, you get to give this gift to a loved one. They will receive a beautifully illustrated card like the one above.

What’s new?

This year we have five new ethical gifts to add to the range:

Wonderful worms

Wonderful worms illustration

World Gifts - Wonderful worms illustration

Anyone with a garden knows how important worms are. These wriggling worms work their way through arid soil and make it fertile again! Fertile soil means a bigger and better crop of vegetables to eat and sell.

Period pack

This provides women and girls living in refugee camps with the essentials to deal with periods cleanly and healthily. I’m planning on giving this to a couple of my girl-friends!

Fantastic fish

For the fisherman in your life (we all have one). This gift gives a farmer training, supplies and 500 fish to establish a fish farm. This not only adds nutritious fish into an often predominantly vegetable diet, but can be sold for a profit.

World Gifts - Help a llama farmer

World Gifts - Help a llama farmer

Help a llama farmer

Who doesn’t love llamas? They’re adorable! This gift provides seeds and training to grow and dry out food for the llama so that it can be kept happy and healthy all year round. Llamas provide three gifts in one: wool for clothes, manure to fertilise crops and can be sold in times of emergency.

Life-changing loan 

A Life-changing loan does just what it says on the tin. This small loan provides someone with business training and the basic materials they need to start their business and become independent. What I love about this gift is that once the business is successful, the loan is passed onto someone else so that they can start their own business. It really is the gift that keeps on giving!

So, if you didn’t manage to get everyone’s Christmas gifts sorted this Black Friday, consider the charitable choice and buy them a World Gift. Or, if you were super organised and got everything half-price, consider giving something back and buy yourself a feel-good treat. This Giving Tuesday join a global movement to give generously and change the lives of those living in poverty across the world. I know I will be.

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