Five green fundraising ideas

11 March 2020

Signs of spring are all around. Here are our top five green-fingered fundraising ideas - enjoy being outside and get some mud on your boots!

1. Garden clear up team 

Working on a school vegetable garden

Working on the school vegetable garden

Get a group together with some tools and wellies (it might be pretty muddy out there) and offer a garden sprucing service in your neighbourhood. If any of your neighbours struggle to sort their garden, this will be a gladly welcomed service and you can make friends at the same time.

Whilst building a local community you can also collect donations for CAFOD

Remember to share photos of your community gardening efforts with us on Twitter.

2. Plant sale 

Herbs grown by volunteers at Norwich Cathedral

Herbs grown by volunteers at Norwich Cathedral

Spring bulbs cheer everyone up after the winter. You can grow these yourself or buy them wholesale from your local flower market. You could 'sell' them for on with the donations going to CAFOD’s Lent appeal.

Donate online to bring hope and joy to the poorest people

3. Seed swap 

A packet of green bean seeds

A packet of green bean seeds

Bring along all your old seed packets and last autumn's seeds and run a seed swap. It's like a clothes swap - you just need everyone to give a donation to take part. Or you could sell the seeds directly. How diverse can you make your garden?

Our Trees for life gift could be the perfect present for a green-fingered friend this Easter. It provides a family with five fruit tree saplings plus the tools and training to produce their own tree nursery. 

4. Spring veg!

Harvested tomatoes

Harvested tomatoes

It's not too early to start sowing! If you get your vegetable seeds and bulbs planted now you could have spring veggies for a veg sale by May or June - or if you have already planted some early sprouting keen beans (and other keen vegetables), they might even be ready for Easter time!

You could set up a JustGiving page in aid of CAFOD and keep your friends and family updated with your growing efforts, you could even sell them your produce afterwards.

5. Green day!

Sharing a frugal soup and bread meal for lunch

Sharing a frugal soup and bread meal for lunch

Organise a day of all these to kick-start spring, and make sure to have some hot chocolate or a soup lunch to keep everyone warm! You could ask each attendee to contribute towards a donation to CAFOD.

Download this handy guide which includes a tasty recipe to get you started.

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