Preparing for Harvest Fast Day 2018

11 September 2018

CAFOD staff and volunteers enjoying a simple soup lunch to celebrate Family Fast Day.

CAFOD staff and volunteers enjoying a simple soup lunch to celebrate Family Fast Day.

"No one should have to drink dirty water"

Longora is a mother who lost her baby because she was forced to drink dirty water while pregnant.

Longora lives in a remote village in Uganda where there is no electricity, no gas, no hospital, and she is without access to safe drinking water. Tragically, after drinking from the local river, ten people died and Longora and many others caught serious illnesses. For Longora, that sickness led to the death of her baby.

We know this suffering is preventable. We can't save Longora's baby but we can make sure this does not happen again. With your help this Harvest, we can provide wells and the training communities need to maintain them.

Please join us this Fast Day in prayer, fasting and giving to support all our projects with the world's poorest people.  

Get ready for Harvest Fast Day on Friday 5 October

Please use this parish guide and resources and share Longora's story with your parish:

1. Display the Harvest Family Fast Day poster on a noticeboard or in the Church porch, to let everyone in your parish know when Fast Day is.

2. Ask someone in the parish to read out the short talk at Mass. If you would like someone to speak at Mass, please contact your local CAFOD volunteer centre.

3. Hand out prayer cards, and invite everyone to pray either at home or in church, for Longora and everyone who does not have clean water to drink. 

4. Organise an event, like a soup lunch and let everyone in the parish know about it. You'll celebrate a meal together, make new friends and help the world's poorest people. Download this soup lunch poster and guide to making a soup lunch easy and successful. You could try our recipe for lentil soup

5. And finally, get children in the parish involved too by downloading our children’s liturgy resource for Harvest Fast Day. If you work with children in schools take a look at our Harvest primary and secondary school resources.

For more resources to help your parish prepare for Harvest, visit our Fast Day page

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