CAFOD Fast Day Appeal: How your donations are saving lives

3 October 2018

Longora collecting water from a local stream

Longora collecting water from a local stream

CAFOD Family Fast Day would not be possible without supporters like you. Your donations to the Harvest appeal will help give the gift of clean water to families like Longora’s.

“We used to get water from the river, but this gave us illnesses like coughing or Hepatitis E and malaria from the mosquitoes,” says Longora, who contracted Hepatitis E two years ago after drinking dirty water. She was pregnant when she fell ill and tragically her baby died.

Donate today to save lives

Since then, CAFOD’s partner in Uganda, Caritas Moroto, has been able to fix the village’s borehole, thanks to your generous donations. They were also able to train members of Longora’s village how to fix the pump as well as helping them to set up water user committees to make sure the borehole is kept clean and safe in future.

Having access to clean, safe drinking water has transformed life for the villagers.

“We are now able to get water for our homes,” says Longora. “We can get water throughout the year. We are healthier and feel better.”

Your donations this Harvest will save lives by giving the gift of clean water to families like Longora’s so they can thrive in future.

Your Family Fast Day donation

Here's how we will spend your donations to help transform the lives of more families like Longora's. 

How we’ll spend your Harvest donation

80p in every £1 goes on work like you can see in the film above. 11p goes on raising more money to enable this work. 9p goes on education and campaigning to hold our leaders to account.

Every penny you give or raise is spent on the poorest people and on projects that are value for money.

Donate to our Harvest appeal today and help save lives

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