Harvest 2019 prayers

18 September 2019

Fabiano with watering can

Fabiano used to collect water every day to help his family. One day, while he was fetching water, he was attacked by a man.

"How inseparable the bond is between concern for nature, justice for the poor, commitment to society and interior peace.”

Pope Francis, Laudato Si’ #10

Our Harvest prayers and reflections offer you the opportunity to reflect on your own or in your parish around Family Fast Day on 4 October, and throughout harvest time.

We pray that, working in harmony with creation, all people may have cause to celebrate harvest time, particularly those who do not yet receive a fair share of Earth’s bounty.

Harvest prayer

Our Harvest prayer this year asks for the intercession of Saint Francis of Assisi, patron saint of ecology, whose feast day also falls on 4 October. Saint Francis praised God for Brother Sun and Sister Water, both of whom are essential for producing the harvest.

Saint Francis is also the namesake of our Pope, who reminds us in the quote above that caring for the Earth is inseparably bound up with caring for those living in poverty.

Pray our Harvest prayer

Harvest prayer card

The prayer card features an image of Fabiano, a keen school student in Uganda. Fabiano used to walk miles to collect water. On one occasion he was attacked, and his water poured away.

Now, thanks to your support, Fabiano’s community has a solar powered water pump. Water is close at hand for drinking, washing, making bricks and watering vegetables. And Fabiano no longer has to risk being late for school because he is fetching water for his family.

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Harvest reflection

For those who like to pray and reflect with the help of images and music, we have produced a version of the prayer as a video.  This might also be useful if you are presenting to a group and wish to start with a short reflection.

Harvest intercession

We also have an intercession that you can use in parish Sunday Masses the weekends before and after Family Fast Day. In it, we ask God’s help to work for an end to poverty and injustice, so that the fruits of the harvest may be shared more fairly.

Prayer of intercession

Thank you for your kind generosity and for your prayers, which are at the heart of all we do.

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