How you made this an all-singing, all-dancing Harvest like no other

23 October 2020

Clare standing by her keyboard

While we have been unable to join together in church, Clare has been recording herself singing hymns and posting the videos to YouTube for others to enjoy and sing along to.

This year you have gone above and beyond to raise money to help hard-to-reach communities around the world as we enjoyed a Harvest like no other. We would like to celebrate some more of the amazing things that our supporters have been doing.

Clare’s hymns

Clare Griffel (pictured above) is recording herself playing and singing hymns and putting them on YouTube to raise money for CAFOD.

Clare said: ‘Normally I would be playing the organ at the lovely church of St Mary on the Quay in Bristol, but of course at present we can't have live music at Mass. I'm sure many people, like me, are missing this, so since I'm our parish CAFOD rep, I thought I would post hymns regularly on YouTube, along with the words for you to sing at home if you like, and try to raise some funds at the same time - in solidarity with our neighbours across the world whom CAFOD is supporting to battle this crisis."

You can listen to Clare’s singing on YouTube and also donate via JustGiving.

Ann’s online Zumba classes

Ann Whitfield has been fundraising for CAFOD through Zumba!

Ann in a Zumba class

Ann has been fundraising for CAFOD through Zumba.

"I retired from my day job working in IT at the end of February and had enjoyed attending Zumba classes and found it great to de-stress after a hard day at work," Ann said. "So, I decided to become an instructor and to do my classes for charity. I have recruited about a dozen friends who had never done Zumba before and they are now doing at least one session week and loving it."

In addition, some of Ann's friends from the Zumba classes she has been attending for the past few years have also joined in.

"Due to current restrictions I have only done classes via Zoom," Ann added, "but one day I hope to do some live classes!"

You can donate via Ann's JustGiving page to take part in her virtual Zumba sessions.

Walking, running and wheeling to Assisi

Katharine Lonsdale is working with the 8th Fulwood scouting groups and her parish - Our Lady and St Edwards in Fulwood, Preston - to complete a virtual pilgrimage from Preston to Assisi. The total distance is about 1,200 miles!

Virtual pilgrimage

These young people have been taking part in a virtual pilgrimage event.

Katharine said: "We decided to take part in a collective pilgrimage event to raise money for CAFOD's Coronavirus Appeal. A group of parents and cubs decided that it would be a good idea to try and travel the distance it would take to travel from the parish centre where we meet every week to the birthplace of St Francis, who encouraged all of us to love our collective home and help those in need."

They are now over halfway through their challenge and have reached France so far!

"We have run, walked, swam and cycled miles amongst us," Katharine said, "and as well as our young people, mums, dads, guardians, leaders, friends and family are all joining in."

The cubs certainly sound like they're having fun while supporting our brothers and sisters around the world. "I love to assist CAFOD in their journey helping others," said one young supporter.

You can follow the virtual pilgrimage and give your support to the cubs through the parish's JustGiving page.

Your donations are changing lives

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far to our Coronavirus Appeal this Harvest. Your amazing efforts are helping families around the world to build futures they can look forward to.

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