Remembering Marge with a Candlelight Fund

28 October 2019

Remember someone special through a Candlelight Fund while supporting CAFOD's life-changing work overseas

Remember someone special through a Candlelight Fund while supporting CAFOD's life-changing work overseas

A Candlelight Fund is a special fund in memory of a loved one who has died. It will keep your loved one's light shining while touching the lives of thousands more.

To say thank you for the incredible difference these families make, we wanted to share a little about one of the women being remembered in this special way.

'A Cross in my Pocket'

CAFOD Candlelight Fund celebrate a life and give hope to thousands more

Bill remembers his dear wife, Marge, through a CAFOD Candlelight Fund

A few years ago, Bill Taylor set up a Candlelight Fund for his beloved wife, Marge.

For over 20 years Marge worked as a carer in a nursing home and offered her handicrafts skills to the residents. Bill said, “She seemed to be able to make anything”.

Bill and Marge had always loved the prayer ‘A Cross in my Pocket’ and carried it with them every day. Marge had the idea of making a purse for the prayer to sit in so that they could carry it around without being torn. 

So, she and Bill started making the crosses together and sold them at the local charity shop where Marge volunteered.

"Marge was a wonderful person who always thought of others before herself."

Bill Taylor

Unfortunately, when Marge started to get sick, she was unable to continue making them. After she died, Bill wanted to keep the crosses going for Marge: “After a few months I started making the crosses again”

As Marge had done, Bill started giving them to his local churches and charity shop to sell, helping to raise money for causes close to their hearts.

A sign of love, comfort and kindness

Bill’s sister is a parish nun who also offers a little cross to those she visits and who are going through a tough time. Bill was kind enough to send us a few of his lovely crosses and we were so touched by his generosity. They are a simple reminder of how small acts of kindness can make a world of difference.

Marge cared for so many people in so many ways. Her love can still be felt through her Candlelight Fund as it spreads hope and kindness around the world and through all those who receive one of these special little crosses.

Create a Candlelight Fund 

If you’d like to hear more about remembering someone special through CAFOD’s work, please contact Roisin at or call her on 020 7095 5348. 

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