Faith in action: How leaving a gift in your will can give children a future

13 September 2017

CAFOD supporter promises to help future generations

CAFOD supporters can build a better world for future generations

Many people are surprised to hear that one in eight of our projects are possible thanks to gifts we receive from supporters’ wills. This week is Remember a Charity Week and we've spoken to some of our supporters to find out why they’ll be including a gift to CAFOD in their will.

A gift in your will will give children a future

Volunteer Linda currently plays a key role in her parish CAFOD team.  She’s also decided to include a gift to CAFOD in her will so that we can continue to be there for vulnerable communities in the future, no matter what they face. She told us:

“I’ve included a gift to CAFOD in my will simply because I want children around the world to have a better future. My legacy will help CAFOD’s work carry on even after I’m gone and continue to help people have better lives.”

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Your legacy gift will make a difference

Legacy gifts change lives for people like Dennis. In the part of rural Zambia where he is from, many children have no other option but to leave school to earn a living to support their family.

Chele School for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children is the only one in the area and is supported by gifts in wills and donations. Without it, there would be no school for Dennis.

Watch Dennis' story

Going back to school has been important for Dennis: for his learning and his self-belief. “Without the school, things wouldn’t be the same,” he explained. “It's important as a young person as it prepares you to lead and teach people.”

As well as learning in the classroom, Dennis takes part in the school orchard where pupils develop their farming skills.

CAFOD writer Mark Chamberlain met Dennis twice on his trip to Zambia to meet our partner, the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary.

“Meeting Dennis was truly inspiring,” Mark said. “It was fascinating talking with someone who has so much responsibility and will to succeed. His whole future is ahead of him. CAFOD supporters really can bring this hope to children around the world, and a gift in their will is a powerful way to do this.”

CAFOD's National Free Wills Network offer

Gifts in wills help us commit to communities, walking with them for as long as is needed to overcome the root causes of poverty and injustice.

George and Eleanor, CAFOD supporters from London, included a gift to CAFOD in their wills when they used the National Free Wills Network. They’ve supported CAFOD and Caritas agencies of over 20 years so it made sense to them to continue their support in this way.

George told us: “CAFOD works for long-term change – it’s about sustainability. I trust them to use the gift in my will wisely to tackle future challenges. Leaving a gift to CAFOD is a way for something to live on for many years.”

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Your gift can transform communities and help future generations live happier, healthier lives. If you’re inspired to put your faith into action through a gift in your will, contact Hannah for more information at or on 020 7095 5367

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