Why Match Funding matters

1 February 2018

Match funding - Lent 2016

Every £1 you raise this Lent will be doubled by the UK government at no extra cost to you.

Our Family Fast Day Appeal is receiving match funding from the UK Government during Lent 2018. But what does this mean and what difference does it make?

What match funding means

The UK Government has promised to give up to £5 million to CAFOD nutrition projects this Lent, by matching donations made by supporters like you, £1 for £1.

Donate to our Lent Appeal

This deal means that you can have your donation doubled, at no extra cost to you. And more importantly, it means your gift will bring double the impact to communities around the world.

We have until Saturday 12 May 2018 to raise this money and receive the full funding from the government.

Help us tap into this opportunity

Because we have £5 million to unlock from the government, the more you give or raise this Lent, the more money you will release to go directly to nutrition projects in Zimbabwe, Eritrea and Zambia.

With match funding, your generosity will grow. And so will children around the world.

What difference does match funding make?

Your gift this Lent means a lot to people living in poverty.

It means bringing food to even more homes.

It means even more babies and toddlers growing up healthy and strong.

It means keeping even more children in school because they have the energy to learn.

Importantly, doubling your money means bringing hope not just now, but to future generations. Generations like Svondo's.

A story of two brothers

Watch our video to see how your gift this Lent can change lives.

When Tawanda was seven years old, he didn't have enough to eat. The hunger made him so tired, he dropped out of school. Then he stopped playing.

The fear for Tawanda's mum Marian, watching her son get thinner, was overwhelming. She searched desperately for money and food, but there were no options.

Thankfully, CAFOD provided seeds and training through the local Church. Marian transformed them into a thriving vegetable garden.

Tawanda now has a little brother, Svondo. He has grown up eating fresh vegetables, beans and peanut butter, and is full of energy for learning and playing.

By giving to our Lent Appeal and taking advantage of this fantastic offer to double your money, you can help to ensure that children like Tawanda don't go hungry.

Make a Lenten gift now and stop children going hungry

Help provide food and more

This Lent, your donation will be doubled by the UK Government so you can make double the difference.

Your gift will be doubled by the UK government so that £1 equals £2

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