World Gifts: What's new for Christmas 2021

15 November 2021

Illustrated shepherd looks over his flock as the star leads him to the stable

World Gifts are CAFOD's range of virtual gifts that make a real difference to families living in poverty across the world.

Christmas is coming! But how can you find unusual charity presents for your friends and family that make a difference to people living in poverty?

Buying a World Gift is the perfect solution.

World Gifts are CAFOD's range of virtual gifts that make a real difference to families living in poverty across the world. For each gift you buy this Christmas, you'll receive a beautiful gift card to pass on to your loved one.

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New World Gifts

Here are six new World Gifts that make ideal Christmas presents. Plus, a new Advent calendar and sets of Christmas cards that we think you’ll love.

An energy-saving stove that doesn't cost the earth

At £9, this gift is perfect for a Secret Santa or stocking filler!

This gift of training and materials to build an energy saving stove helps people to cook meals safely and in an eco-friendly way. The stoves are safer than open fires so people can cook with confidence.

These stoves use local materials and burn less fuel – not only does this give people opportunities to learn how to build these stoves from others, but it protects the trees around them from being cut down.

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Share solidarity with a safe place to call home

Safe place to call home World Gift illustration

Safe place to call home World Gift

For £175 this makes a really special gift or a great present to buy as a group.

This gift can pay for the legal help a family needs to secure their home, ensuring they have a home to live in, land to farm on and a place of safety. In the Amazon, securing homes allows people to protect the land they live on from deforestation and to live in harmony with the rainforest.

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The Real Advent Calendar

Real Advent Calendar

The Real Advent Calendar

The 2021 Real Advent Calendar is a fun way for parents, grandparents and Godparents to share the Christmas story. There is a Fairtrade Chocolate and a line of the Christmas story behind each of the 25 windows. The free book has a page for every day of Advent, expanding on the Christmas story and includes some fun challenges.

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Feel the love with the forest school gift

£40 can pay for a years’ mentoring so that people can live in harmony with their surroundings.

Many types of farming in the Amazon rainforest can damage it. Forest school can help people learn how to farm in harmony with the rainforest, growing enough for them to eat and sell while nurturing the rainforests natural cycle.

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Fight fires in the Amazon

Fight fires in the Amazon illustration

Fight fires in the Amazon World Gift

For just £18 you can help indigenous fire brigades fight fires in the Amazon.

This simple gift of tools and training can help an indigenous fire fighter control fires in the Amazon. By managing the land correctly, fires can be controlled or prevented all together, helping to avoid the devastation that large wild fires can cause.

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Try our new packs of Traidcraft cards

Packs of Traidcraft cards

Packs of Traidcraft cards

We’ve picked out four packs of Traidcraft Christmas cards for you to choose from. We know that people have been on the lookout for packs of Christmas cards from CAFOD for some time, so we hope this helps!

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Go big and help to restore the rainforest

At £719 this gift is extra special, and maybe something you’d prefer to fundraise towards as a group.

Many people living in the Amazon are under threat of eviction due to clearance, burning and logging. This gift can pay for the legal support needed to keep a community on their land so they can continue to protect and restore the rainforest they are living in.

Help to restore the rainforest

Get festive with fantastic fisherfolk

Fantastic fisherfolk illustration

Fantastic fisherfolk World Gift

Many people rely on fishing for a living and it’s often the source of food and income for entire communities. Increasingly, fishers are concerned re. the sustainability of their fishing to make sure there are enough fish to go around.

£73 can provide a lifejacket, a safety mirror, a rechargeable and waterproof headtorch, and a compass. All of these items, plus some training, keep fisher folk safe as they travel further to find better, more sustainable sources of fish to catch, eat and sell.

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Don't forget!

As well as the new gifts, we have lots of your old favourites to choose from. And remember you can now send personalised cards direct to your loved ones, or choose to send an ecard!

We know that many of us are still being cautious when it comes to spending time with people and we're unsure what the next few months will hold. You can now type in a personalised message online and we'll send the gift straight to your loved one. Just select "post direct" when you're choosing your gift.

We ensure that every virtual gift you give this Christmas will make a real difference to people in developing countries.

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