World Gifts: What's new for Christmas 2020

9 November 2020

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World Gifts are CAFOD's range of virtual gifts that make a real difference to families living in poverty across the world.

Christmas is coming! But how can you find unusual charity presents for your friends and family that make a difference to people living in poverty?

Buying a World Gift is the perfect solution.

World Gifts are CAFOD's range of virtual gifts that make a real difference to families living in poverty across the world. For each gift you buy this Christmas, you'll receive a beautiful gift card to pass on to your loved one.

What's more, we've given ourselves a brand new look for Christmas 2020. We hope you love it as much as we do.

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New World Gifts

Here are four new World Gifts and two old favourites we've brought back that make ideal Christmas presents.

A little goes a long way with a Keep clean kit

At £6, this gift is perfect for a Secret Santa or stocking filler!

This gift of soap, reusable facemasks and washing detergent can give a family the opportunity to be safe as they go about their lives.

For many living in poverty, access to these essentials can be difficult, meaning people are unable to go out and safely buy food, work or attend school.

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Make someone's day with Messages of hope

Messages of hope illustration

Messages of hope World Gift

A bigger gift at £67, this can help to provide remote countries with accurate information on how to stay safe during the pandemic. A simple loudspeaker in the hands of a respected local expert can mean entire communities receive this information from a trusted source. 

This helps to dispel fake news and inaccurate information from more questionable sources!

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Send solidarity with PPE for a health worker

At £127, this makes for a really special gift, or a great thing to buy as a group.

We've all come to understand the importance of PPE to keep health workers safe and patients confident to seek medical attention when they need it. This gift can provide just that to health workers in overseas health clinics.

Provide PPE for a health worker

Send love with a Listening centre

Listening centre illustration

Listening centre World Gift

At £50, the Listening centre gift is particularly important to show women around the world who have experienced sexual violence that they are cared for and accepted.

Providing medical and psychological support, listening centres can help women to heal after the trauma of sexual violence. Plus, they teach practical skills that can help them earn an income and support for their children to be educated.

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More gifts back for 2020

Provide vital support with Emergency food

After a crisis, access to food is always vital and often hard. During the pandemic, any crisis will be even harder to deal with and these basic needs even greater.

This £50 gift can help provide a supply of emergency food when someone is most in need.

Provide emergency food

Send a Solar lamp

Illustration of a Solar lamp

Solar lamp World Gift

A Solar lamp gift can provide a clean-energy replacement for candle and kerosene-fueled lamps that fill with homes with nasty fumes.

As we are all required to spend more time indoors, a solar lamp can provide a safe way of children doing their homework and adults working, cooking and living their lives! This £30 gift is a great solution for your climate hero loved one.

Send a solar lamp

Anything else?

As well as the new gifts and the new branding we've also brought you a new way of sending your gifts!

We know that many of us are unable to see our loved ones at the moment and we're unsure what the next few months will hold. You can now type in a personalised message online and we'll send the gift straight to your loved one. Just select "post direct" when you're choosing your gift.

We ensure that every virtual gift you give this Christmas will make a real difference to children in developing countries.

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