Lenten activities for children

7 February 2018

Join our give it up challenge this Lent!

Join our give it up challenge this Lent!

Family Fast Day is on Friday 23 February, and we are inviting children and young people to give it up to support millions of families around the world living in poverty.

This Lent you can make some amazing transformations. It’s simple; choose something, give it up and donate the money you save. Alternatively, think of something more challenging and get sponsored to give it up.

Explore our top Lent resources for your school, youth group, or parish children’s liturgy group.

Use our Ash Wednesday liturgy

Use our liturgy for children and young people to explore how fasting and giving things up is a way for us all to stand in solidarity with people living in poverty. We have more short prayers in our assemblies and Stations of the Cross resources too.

Follow our Lent calendar

For daily reflections and actions, download our PowerPoint calendar for children and a printable one-pager to print for children as well as a printable one page calendar for young people to use for their Lent projects.

Make your own photobooth

Looking for Lent crafts for children? Once your group has chosen their Lent challenge, download our fun props, and make a photobooth to inspire others to join the give it up challenge!

Explore our A-Z of give it up fundraisers!

Ready to start fundraising? Our A-Z of fundraising is packed with ideas of things you could give up to raise money this Lent. Give up biscuits and see how the money you save could provide beans! Get sponsored to drop your apps and the money you raise could provide taps for communities, or give up burgers so communities can grow nutritious vegetables.  

Watch and share our film about Zimbabwe

Find more Lenten resources for children and Lenten resources for youth 

Thank you so much. We'd love to hear about your activities. Send your stories and pictures to schools@cafod.org.uk and tag @CAFOD on Twitter.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Lent Appeal. Your gifts will change lives around the world. And if you donated between 13 February and 12 May, the UK Government will double your donation! 

If you raised money in your parish or school over Lent and still need to pay in the proceeds, you can still have your collection matched.

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