Lent 2019: Stations of the Cross

21 February 2019

Lent is a time when we practise openness to God’s grace, as we prepare to renew our baptismal promises. God helps us during this time to transform our relationships – with our neighbour, with God, and with the earth.

Pope Francis calls us to “serve Christ present in our brothers and sisters in need”. He says, “I want a Church of the poor, for the poor.” As Lent approaches, please remember to pray for our sisters and brothers living in poverty.      

Our Lent Calendar is a beautiful resource to accompany you on your faith journey this Lent. Follow it each day for a reflection and prayer on the reading for the day.

Use our Lent Calendar

Stations of the Cross Lent 2019

Our Stations of the Cross resource is intended to be a journey of transformation, to be carried out either personally on in a group. You may like to follow this on Fridays during Lent, especially Good Friday.

Use our Stations of the Cross PowerPoint reflection with your parish or community to guide you through the fifteen stations. There are also leader's notes.

If you would like a short personal reflection for quiet prayer during Lent you can follow this 3 minute Stations of the Cross video set to thoughtful music. This can also be used as an opening moment of prayer before a parish or group Way of the Cross event.

Stories from Bangladesh

In the Calendar and Stations you can follow stories like that of Mahinur from Bangladesh. Since her husband and son both have disabilities, she must provide for her family alone.

Mahinur makes a living by fishing but when the river dried up a few months ago, she was faced with a problem. Sometimes she looks after cattle and sometimes she cleans neighbours’ houses for money or food.  

“When there are no fish there’s no reason to smile. Some days my son asks for food but I have none.

“When we have no food in the house, sometimes my son goes to the neighbours and other people feed him. On days like that, my husband doesn’t eat. It’s very difficult for us.”

Every day Mahinur chooses life. But it is a daily struggle to sustain herself and her family.  As you fast, pray and give alms this Lent, please remember Mahinur, her husband and her son in your prayers.

Download our Stations of the Cross resource

Pray with us

Christ Jesus, you know what it is to feel hungry and alone. Open my eyes to my brothers and sisters who will not eat today, and fill me with compassion, so that I may reach out to them in love.


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