Good news: Watch what Salad and his youth group have done with your gifts

1 October 2018

You donated nearly £5m in Lent 2015 to ensure the world’s poorest families were able to support themselves. Thanks to you, women, men and children, around the world can grow enough to not only survive but to thrive in a changing climate.

Watch Salad’s story now!

And there's even better news! Your donations were matched – pound for pound by the UK government. This meant nearly £10m went to help communities around the world. Thank you so much.

Who you helped: Salad’s story

Salad is 17 and lives in the north of Kenya – eleven hours’ from the capital, Nairobi. He says: “It’s difficult living here. We feel very far from other parts of the country. We don’t have many opportunities.”

Salad and his friends came together to form a youth group for young people. “We’re called ‘The Concrete Youth Group’ because together we’re strong!’ says Salad.

They came together because they wanted to change their lives and the lives of the village...but they needed a little help because they didn’t have the money to buy tools, seeds or training.

Your donations, during Lent in 2015, helped to provide the tools, training, seeds and even animals to turn things around for the group of friends.

One of Salad’s friends and a group member, Charity said, “I’m so proud of what we’ve done! I’m saving my money to finish building a home for my family.”

Give today to help even more people

Why Match Funding matters

If you give money when CAFOD has been awarded UK Aid Match Funding, the UK government will match your donations, pound-for-pound.

The beauty of the scheme for you is that your donation will have double the impact. It’s that simple.

When you give during this time, it sends a message, loud and clear to the UK government: “I care about these people, these issues. I know aid works!”

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