Voices from lockdown

25 January 2021

From the very start of the coronavirus crisis, we’ve been humbled by the incredible will of people across England and Wales to brighten this difficult time with a spirit of true togetherness and compassion. We heard from some of you about how you’ve been keeping faith, hope and kindness alive in lockdown.

"My walks became mini-pilgrimages"

Audrey Nengare

Audrey Nengare from Birmingham

Audrey Nengare from Birmingham turned to walking during lockdown as a way to escape daily news reports.

“I started to take along my Rosary. My walks became mini-pilgrimages, daily prayer walks around the neighbourhood.

“In this unique situation, we must all be generous to our neighbours around the world. So with my parish, I’m part of a virtual pilgrimage to walk two million steps – here to Algeria!

“When all you can hear is the wind blowing through the trees, the leaves rustling and the birds chirruping, it’s almost impossible to not feel God’s presence and return home with a renewed sense of gratitude.”

Keeping a community connected

Peter Towers

Peter Towers from St Anthony’s parish in Preston

Peter Towers from St. Anthony’s parish in Preston organised a 5km sponsored event last summer.

“People from parishes all over the city soon took up the challenge, with friends from Salford, London, Milton Keynes and even Spain joining in too.

“It was a really exciting day which created a community spirit even though we were not physically together. Our oldest participant is in her nineties and pedalled for seven miles over three days on her exercise bike. She is an inspiration to us all.”

Fundraising as a family

Children's Liturgy Live

Amelie Kelly, aged 5, has been watching our Children's Liturgy Live online during lockdown.

Amelie Kelly, aged 5, raised nearly £600 with her family by walking 26,000 steps in one day.

“It was a really big walk and I felt it was really hard, but I wanted to help others around the world by doing it and then I felt proud at the end."

Have you been inspired by these stories?

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