Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 1 December

Amina and baby refugee camp Kenya

Amina and her baby in a refugee camp in Kenya

“[God] comes to be with us in every situation of ours… to knock at the door of every man and woman of good will” 

Pope Benedict XVI

The season of Advent starts tomorrow. Throughout this time we are reminded that God comes to be with us. Not just me, or you, but with every person, in every situation. No one is beyond the reach of God’s love. 

God comes to be with us, bringing the gifts of harmony and peace. Gifts which are much needed in our troubled world.  

As we prepare this Advent for Christ’s coming now and at the end of time, we hold in our hearts all those who have been forced to flee their homes. We remember those who are feeling the effects of violence and conflict, and all who are seeking peace. 

If you are looking to celebrate Advent in your parish or group, download our Advent service to pray and reflect.

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We also have Advent calendars for children and for young people.

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