Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 11 December

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“It is never the will of your Father in heaven that one of these little ones should be lost.” 

Matthew 18:12-14

God cares for us each as individuals. We are not a nameless, shapeless group. We are all created with purpose, known and loved by God. We are all important, valued, special. 

Zainab lives in Nigeria, where she used to have a happy life with her husband and 10 children. She made her living selling fruit juice and cakes at the local market. 

But violence from Boko Haram has forced millions of people to flee their homes. Now Zainab is one of them. 

When shooting started in her village, Zainab and her husband gathered up the children, carrying the youngest ones between them and fled.  

But in the chaos she was separated from six of the older children. She explained: 

“They ran helter-skelter, they did not hear us calling to them to follow us. They were so afraid.” 

It took Zainab four days to reach the safety of Gubio, the nearest big town. 

“We slept from one village to the next, but my heart was split in pain, worrying about my children. I kept praying for their return.” 

Fortunately, Zainab’s neighbour saw the children and kept them safe. Two weeks after she arrived in Gubio, Zainab’s missing children joined her.  

“Praise be to God, that kind neighbours protected them from harm and brought them safely to us,” she said.  

Advent prayer

God of all, it is not your will that anyone should be lost. Watch over all your children and lead us to do what we can so that no one feels lost, excluded or alone. Amen.


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Help a refugee child

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