Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 12 December

St Bede's Catholic Academy students Share the Journey on retreat at The Briars

Secondary school students doing a Share the Journey Walk as part of a retreat at The Briars Youth Retreat Centre, Derbyshire

“They run and do not grow weary, walk and never tire.” 

Isaiah 40:25-31

How difficult it must be to keep walking, not quite knowing where you are going or what awaits you when you get there.  

How tiring it must be to keep putting one foot in front of the other while carrying a child or the few belongings you were able to grab before you fled.  

How exhausting it must be to be afraid, cold, hungry, thirsty and know that you cannot stop your journey and go home.  

This year, you have walked around the world four times in solidarity with refugees.  

Bernadette joined a Share the Journey walk in Hartley at the beginning of June. “[It was] a thought provoking walk. I had not thought before of how many people are on the move around the world.” 

This Advent, we hold in our hearts all those who are forced to travel to safety. As in Isaiah’s reading today, may they find strength in God as they continue on their way. 

Advent prayer

Eternal and ever-living God, be with all those who seek refuge. May they find the strength to carry on and hope of a brighter future. Amen.


Thank you so much for all your wonderful support for our Share the Journey campaign.

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