Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 13 December

Emergency water World Gift

Help us be there quickly in a crisis and provide essential water for mothers and children in need.

“I will make rivers well up on barren heights, and fountains in the midst of valleys; turn the wilderness into a lake and dry ground into waterspring.” 

Isaiah 41:13-20

Water is essential for life. It cleanses and refreshes us. It helps crops to grow and people to flourish. It brings hope. 

Over 500,000 people have fled into Bangladesh to escape violence in neighbouring Myanmar. Many of these refugees are sleeping in the open air and are in desperate need of food and water.  

Others are in in makeshift refugee camps along the side of the road, or wherever they can find a space.  

Rajida had to walk to the border while she was heavily pregnant. She gave birth to her daughter in Bangladesh, under plastic sheeting in the middle of a rice paddy. “When I saw that she was healthy, I was so happy. I gave thanks to God.” 

Through the Church locally, we are working to provide clean water to families like Rajida’s, as well as emergency shelter and food.  

This water will give hope to refugee families whose lives have been turned upside down.

Advent prayer

God of life, quench my thirst for love, for mercy, for justice. Lead me to share with others, so no one goes thirsty. Amen. 


Buy an Emergency water World Gift and provide essential clean water to people, like Rajida and her family, in urgent need.

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