Advent calendar and prayer for 19 December

Amina refugee camp Kenya tent

Amina in her tent at a refugee camp in Kenya

“Be a rock where I can take refuge, a mighty stronghold to save me.” 

Psalm 70:3-6, 16-17 r Cf v 8

We all seek safety at times. Whether it is the toddler asking for a cuddle after falling over. Or the adult seeking the comfort of their duvet at the end of a trying day.  

We seek refuge in things that make us feel comfortable when life is tough. At challenging times we rely on places and relationships which are easy and give us warmth.  

And we have all provided this kind of comfort to others when they needed it. The hug, the cup of tea, the listening ear.  

Amina was glad to arrive at the refugee camp in Kenya after fleeing her home due to violence. But one of her children became sick and died. And she continues to struggle to ensure they all have enough to eat.  

True refuge is not just about a tent in a camp. It is about providing people with what they need to live a dignified life. This means opportunities for work and education. And places where people can receive emotional support, as well as meeting their physical needs. 

Amina says, “To live a dignified life, I need to have money. If you have money, you can go to hospital if you are sick. If you have money, you can buy good food for your children.” 

This Advent, how can we be a place of refuge and welcome to others who we encounter in our life? 

How can we ensure that all our brothers and sisters are able to live a dignified life?

Advent prayer

God of refuge, welcome us into your love. May we share that love with others, so all people may find refuge and live in dignity and safety. Amen. 


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