Advent calendar reflection for 2 December

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“He shows the path to those who stray, guides the humble in the right path.” 

Psalm 24:4-5, 8-9, 10, 14 R v1

On this first Sunday of Advent, the Scripture readings tell us to prepare for the coming of the Lord. They remind us of the kind of life that we are called to live to show this readiness. 

We are called to a life of love, love for God and love for one another. We are called to pray. And we are reminded that God does not abandon us. Even in the most difficult of times, God is there to guide us on the right path. 

Amina was forced to flee her home because of violence. It was a difficult journey. When asked to tell her story, she said: 

“I don’t want to remember the experience of the journey here. I don’t want to remember it. We were running away with our children, some children were not able to walk. We spent three nights in the bush before we arrived here. It was raining. No food. It was a very bad experience.” 

She finally reached the relative safety of a refugee camp in Kenya. She added: 

“I was relieved when I realised that all of my children arrived here safe. I was really relieved.” 

You can help more people like Amina, who face difficult journeys, to find shelter, so that they may know that they are not forgotten.  

We pray that they may know that God is always with them. 

Advent prayer

Loving God, be with me today and always. Lead me to share your love and make your presence felt to those who are lost, alone and frightened, as they journey to find a place of safety and shelter. Amen.  


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