Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 22 December

Mother and child holding hands

Mother and child holding hands. Reaching out in love.

The hungry he has filled with good things, the rich sent empty away.

Luke 1:46–55

Mary is filled with joy and sings her praise to the Lord. She is full of wonder in God who saves the poor and humble.  

She paints a picture of God’s kingdom – a kingdom of mercy, justice and welcome. A kingdom where the proud of heart will be brought down and the lowly raised up high. 

This idea that God forgets none of us, that he cares for each of us, even if we feel insignificant, is so powerful. 

In a Christmas Eve homily St Oscar Romero said,  

“This is the Christian’s joy: I know that I am a thought in God, no matter how insignificant I may be – the most abandoned of beings, one no one thinks of.  

Today, when we think of Christmas gifts, how many outcasts no one thinks of!  

Think to yourselves, you who are outcasts, you that feel you are nothing in history: 

‘I know that I am a thought in God.’”  

Let us hold on to this idea today. We are all a thought in God. God loves us all and wills each one of us into being.  

Like Mary, let us recognise the amazing things that God has done for us and give thanks. Let us be inspired by this to reach out in love to others. May we all take steps to build God’s kingdom of mercy and justice here on earth.  

Advent prayer

Almighty God, each one of us is known and loved by you. We give you thanks for the wonders you have created. We pray that your kingdom of mercy and justice may come. Amen. 


Reflect with these words often attributed to St Oscar Romero, about how if we want to build God’s kingdom here on earth it helps to step back and take the long view.

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