Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 23 December

God's love no barriers of wealth, race, language, status

God's love does not see barriers of wealth, race, language, status

“Why should I be honoured with a visit from the mother of my Lord?”

Luke 1:39-45

In today’s Gospel we hear the story of Mary’s visit to her cousin Elizabeth. When she hears Mary’s greeting, Elizabeth is filled with the Holy Spirit. She recognises Mary as the mother of God.  

Elizabeth exclaims that she is not worthy. She questions why she should be honoured with such a visit.  

Elizabeth’s reaction here is easy to understand. Who are we that we should be honoured with God’s presence in our lives?  

And yet, as we were reminded right at the beginning of Advent, “[God] comes to be with us in every situation of ours… to knock at the door of every man and woman of good will”. (Pope Benedict XVI) 

God’s love does not depend on our status or our wealth, we do not have to be ‘worthy’ in the eyes of this world. No one is outside of God’s love.  

God’s love does not see the barriers of wealth, race, colour, status that we create. And we are called to be the same.  

Let us try to reach out beyond those barriers that we create, to truly encounter one another and stand alongside each other in the good times and the bad.

Advent prayer

God of life, teach me to see beyond the barriers that people build, and to recognise how special each person is in your eyes. Amen. 


Watch this Our Father video recognising our universal Church and the differences and similarities between us.

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