Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 5 December

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“They all ate as much as they wanted, and they collected what was left of the scraps, seven baskets full.” 

Matthew 15:29-37

Jesus feels sorry for the crowd. They have been with him for three days and he can see that they are hungry.  

He takes food from the disciples, breaks it and blesses it, and there is enough for all the people to share.  

Jesus is moved with compassion for these hungry people. He feels compelled to help them. He reaches out to them in love and ensures that they get enough to eat.  

Amina is grateful to have found a safe place to live with her children, but life is still a struggle. 

“The food that we are given is sorghum, but our children won’t eat this. We lack children’s food, like milk, porridge, things that the children would like to eat. The children are really suffering from hunger in this camp.” 

Amina had twin babies, but one died as they arrived in the camp due to hunger and cold. 

She would like to work to help provide for her remaining children, but without anyone else to look after her children it just isn’t possible. She explains: 

“I have a fear, the fear that our children may all die when I am just holding them here. Because I am not providing to them what they require most.  

I am left spending the whole day taking care of my children and not able to go look for work and buy food for my children. This has brought a lot of confusion to me, I don’t know what to do next.” 

This Advent, may we follow Jesus’ example of compassion and action, so that all people may have enough to eat. 

Advent prayer

God of all, open my eyes to the needs of others throughout the world. Fill me with compassion. Move me to take action to reach out to our brothers and sisters, so that no one may be turned away hungry. Amen.


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