Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 7 December

Refugees life jackets beach Greece

Life vests abandoned on a beach in Lesbos, Greece

“The eyes of the blind will see” 

Isaiah 29:17-24

In today’s first reading Isaiah prophesies that the eyes of the blind will see. While in the gospel of the day (Matthew 9:27-31) Jesus restores the sight of two blind men.  

It is not always easy to see what is going on around us. We may turn away from things that are upsetting, things that are difficult.  

Our eyes may slide over the person sitting homeless on the street, the person who is ill, the elderly person who is alone, with no one to talk to. We might notice them, but we don’t really see them. 

It can feel too overwhelming to see the world as it really is. We can struggle to recognise the injustice and poverty in the world and to acknowledge our part in it. We would rather not see the damage that we have done to God’s wonderful gift of Creation.  

But we can also miss out on seeing the good things in life. We are blind to the beauty of creation, the creativity, generosity, strength and compassion that people are capable of. 

But Jesus brought sight to the blind.  

This Advent, try to truly open your eyes to the world around you, in all its beauty and brokenness. Let us reach out to those around the world who are so often invisible to us. 


Advent prayer

Christ Jesus, you gave sight to the blind. Open my eyes and my heart so that I can truly see the world around me, and what I can do to make a difference. Amen. 


Join us in prayer today that God may open our eyes

Join us in prayer

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