Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 1 December

An illustration showing two people carrying emergency food supplies

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“For he shall save the poor when they cry.” 

Psalm 71:12

The Psalmist speaks of a world where peace and justice flourish, where all those who are struggling can get the support and help they need.

But how do we make this vision, this song of praise, a reality in our world today? How do we play our part, allowing God to work through us and respond to the cry of the poor?

When disaster strikes, access to food is essential. For example, the catastrophic explosions in Beirut in August damaged half the city. Thousands of people were left homeless and unable to access even the most basic necessities.

Thanks to our work with local experts who were already on the ground, we were able to instantly support those made vulnerable, by cooking and distributing 2,300 hot meals on the first day alone. The generosity of the Catholic community since the explosions has allowed us to continue to get aid to many who have been affected.

This Advent, let us open our ears to the cry of those who are in need, and respond in whichever way we can.

Advent prayer

Saving God, you hear all those who cry out to you. Move us, inspire us and work through us. Help us to play our part in your loving response to those who are vulnerable. Amen.


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