Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 11 December

Saba shares a meal with her children in a refugee camp in Bangladesh

Saba shares a meal with her children in a refugee camp in Bangladesh

“The Son of Man came, eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Look, a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.’” 

Matthew 11:19

Jesus mixed with people on the margins of society, breaking bread with them and building relationships. And for this, he was ridiculed. How could a holy man, the Son of God, possibly spend time in this way?

But we know that taking time to build relationships, to sit and eat with one another, is so important. It is something that we have all been deprived of to some extent this year.

Saba first heard about coronavirus from her father-in-law, in the refugee camp where they live in Bangladesh. He returned from the market with the news.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, Saba and her family, and the others in the camp, are no longer able to move freely. She says, “We can’t go anywhere in the same way like before. We are restricted from doing things together; can’t meet people, children are prohibited from attending school.

“We have to stay away from each other, we can’t help anyone else.”

It is difficult to maintain social distance in the crowded camp, and still, life is not like it was before.

Throughout this time, Saba has relied on the support of our local experts. She says, “I feel peace somehow when I am reminded of Caritas and its people who have been helping us continuously.”

While we may still have to keep our physical distance, let us reach out in whatever way we are able to those who are vulnerable, who are isolated and alone. So that all people may know comfort and joy this Advent season.

Advent prayer

Christ Jesus, you came and you spent time with those on the margins. Open our hearts to reach out to our brothers and sisters living in poverty. Through our encounter with them, may we be transformed. Amen.


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