Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 11 December

Majid in profile, sitting in his rented home

Majid in Syria says, "You've lifted a burden from my chest."

“Come to me, all you who labour and are overburdened, and I will give you rest.” 

Matthew 11:28

Before the war, Majid was a shepherd. He was able to make enough money looking after sheep and working in the sheep market to support his family.

Now he takes whatever jobs he can find. Mostly he works as a porter, but it is a struggle as his health is not good. He has an old break in his arm that means he can’t lift heavy things, and problems with both his legs.

Majid says, “The injuries affect my work, especially in winter.”

Exhausted, he feels that no matter how hard he tries, it’s still not enough. He cannot earn enough for everything that his family needs.

Something as simple as receiving help to pay his rent has made a huge difference.

“You’ve lifted a burden from my chest,” he says.

This Advent let us reach out and do what we can to ease the burdens of our sisters and brothers around the world.

Advent prayer

Christ Jesus, help us to turn to you when we feel overburdened. Guide us to lift the burdens of others so that we may all find peace. Amen.


Look around you today. Can you see anyone who is struggling? Stretch out a helping hand towards them.

Bring your burdens to the Lord in prayer and pray for all our sisters and brothers throughout the world who are weighed down with cares.

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