Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 12 December

Water on wheels World Gift

The Water on wheels World Gift means more people in remote areas can access clean safe water. 

“The poor and the needy ask for water, and there is none, their tongue is parched with thirst. I, the Lord, will answer them.” 

Isaiah 41:17

Think about the last time you were really thirsty.

How did it feel? Were you grumpy and irritable? Did you have a headache? Did you struggle to concentrate?

Water is something we all need. We cannot live without it. When something breaks down and we do not have water in our taps, we rely on someone to come and fix the problem.

Raphael is a water pump mechanic in rural Uganda. He maintains boreholes and pumps so that the communities around him can access clean safe water.

Before he received a bike, Raphael had to walk miles to get to the pumps and to buy spare parts from the local town. This made his work slow and exhausting.

Now he has a bike, Raphael can get to the remotest boreholes to make sure they work properly. Being able to cycle into town to buy spare parts and deliver them to where they are needed is much faster now too.

This means he can help far more people access clean water.

This Advent we remember all those, like Raphael, who work in their local communities to make sure there is safe water to drink.

And we pray for all those who thirst. May the Lord answer their call.

Advent prayer

Compassionate God, you hear and answer those who call to you for help. Work through us so that we may also hear and answer the cry of those who thirst. Amen.


Help to ensure more people in remote areas can have access to clean safe water by buying a bike for a local expert to reach remote water supplies and keep them well maintained.

Buy the Water on wheels World Gift.

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