Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 13 December

Two young women from different backgrounds sit together in a cafe

The arrival of large numbers of Syrian refugees in Lebanon has caused tension. Community projects bring together young people from different backgrounds to prevent radicalisation and help ease these tensions.

“What comparison can I find for this generation?” 

Matthew 11:16

Jesus despairs of the crowd. He is exasperated and wonders what he must do to get people to believe. He wonders aloud what description he can use for this generation.

What if Jesus came today? How would he describe this generation?

Would we be ready and willing to believe in Jesus if he appeared before us? Or would we dismiss him as a drunkard, or unwell, or not holy enough?

The gospel shows us that God’s presence in our world may not always look the way we expect.

Perhaps this serves as a reminder to try to be open to others, accepting of our differences and willing to listen to each other.

In our divided world can we try to recognise the good in others, despite our differences?

For in this way we may recognise Christ in one another and do our best to reach out in love to our global family.

Advent prayer

God our teacher, open our eyes to recognise you in one another. Lead us in your ways so that together we may all grow in love and understanding. Guide us as we seek to bring about a change so that all people may live a full and dignified life. Amen.


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