Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 14 December

Local farmers with vegetables which they are supplying to vulnerable families during the pandemic.

Local farmers in Paraiba state in Brazil are supplying healthy organic food to vulnerable families during the coronavirus pandemic

“Lord, make me know your ways. Lord, teach me your paths.” 

Psalm 24:4

The Psalmist today cries out to God, asking to be taught. He stands ready to listen to God, to learn how to live in God’s ways.

How ready are we to listen? How ready are we to really change our behaviour?

Pope Francis said, as part of the “Healing the world” catechesis that he delivered throughout September and October:

“The pandemic has shed light on broader social ills. One of these is a distorted view of the person… At times we look on others as objects, to be used and discarded. In reality this type of perspective blinds and fosters an individualistic and aggressive throw-away culture, which transforms the human being into a consumer good.”

While the pandemic has shone a light on many of the problems and inequalities of our world, it also gives us the opportunity to stop, and to reimagine a new way forwards. It has shown us just how interconnected we all are, and that we can journey together as a community, rather than pursuing our own individual desires.

As Pope Francis continued:

“May the Lord ‘restore our sight’ so as to rediscover what it means to be members of the human family. And may this sight be translated into concrete actions of compassion and respect for every person and of care and safeguarding of our common home.”

Advent prayer

Lord, may we follow in your paths, ready to listen to you and to journey together as one human family. Inspire us to care for our earth and build a world where all may flourish. Amen.


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