Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 16 December

Illustration of a man speaking through a loudspeaker in a marketplace. He is wearing a facemask as are all the people who are listening to him.

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“Go back and tell John what you have seen and heard: the blind see again… the Good News is proclaimed to those who are poor.” 

Luke 7:22

This year it has sometimes felt like there is only bad news. With the global pandemic and all its effects, it can be hard to see the positive, to hold onto the idea that there is also good news in our world.

So how do we proclaim good news to those who are poor, during this time?

In Sierra Leone, we have been working alongside Reverend Abu Kargbo to share messages of hope and make sure that people, even in hard-to-reach rural areas, have the information they need about coronavirus. We have been letting people know about the importance of hygiene, wearing facemasks and social distancing.

Reverend Abu said, “The people really responded to me because I used our local language. I took the time to talk to our market sellers and used the language that they understand. People really responded well to us and asked a lot of questions. CAFOD’s intervention was very timely.”

Every person who has heard Reverend Abu’s message can pass this advice on to friends and family, keeping more people safe.

As Kayode, who works for CAFOD in Sierra Leone says, “With the community involved, we refuse to be overwhelmed by the odds that are against us. We defeated Ebola, and we know by the grace of God we are going to defeat COVID-19.”

Advent prayer

God of hope, may we be bearers of good news. Through our actions, may others know that there is hope of a better world. Amen.


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