Advent calendar reflection for 16 December

Supplies being passed out from the back of a van

Distribution of hygiene kits and tarpaulins by Caritas Haiti.

“'Though the mountains may depart, the hills be shaken, but my love will never leave you and my covenant of peace with you will never be shaken,’ says the Lord who takes pity on you.” 

Isaiah 54:10

In August 2021, a devastating magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck south-western Haiti, affecting at least 800,000 people and resulting in the death of more than 2,240 people. More than 100,000 homes were destroyed or damaged as well as many schools and hospitals. The impact of the earthquake, combined with tropical storm Grace hitting the same area just days later, political instability and the coronavirus pandemic has meant that 650,000 people are in need of emergency humanitarian assistance, including basic food, water and shelter for their daily survival. 

One can only imagine the fear experienced by the people of Haiti as the very ground was shaken by the earthquake. The prophet Isaiah spoke to the people of Israel in a time of great adversity, assuring them that God’s love will never leave them, his covenant of peace is never shaken.  

The generosity of CAFOD supporters meant we were able to give £50,000 to help local Church partners provide urgent humanitarian aid for affected families, and a further £200,000 for longer term reconstruction in Haiti.  

Through our solidarity, we can make God’s love present even in the most difficult of situations. 

Advent prayer

Faithful God,
your love never lets us down.
May we witness always
to your covenant of peace and steadfast love.


Please remember the people of Haiti in your prayers. To reach out to these and other communities gravely affected by humanitarian emergencies, consider setting up a regular gift to support our work.

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