Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 17 December

Saba eats food in her shelter in a refugee camp in Bangladesh

Saba in Bangladesh says that real peace is having money to meet her family's needs

“In his days justice shall flourish and peace till the moon fails.” 

Psalm 71:7

In the words of today’s psalm, justice and peace go hand in hand. As Pope Francis reminds us in his latest encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, we “should never forget that inequality and lack of opportunities make peace impossible.” (#235)

Real peace, then, is not just the absence of war, but a “tireless commitment – especially on the part of those of us charged with a greater responsibility – to recognise, protect and concretely restore the dignity, so often overlooked or ignored, of our brothers and sisters, so that they can see themselves as the principal protagonists of the destiny of their nation.” (Fratelli Tutti, #233)

This idea of peace as more than end to violence is echoed by Saba, a Rohingya refugee from Myanmar, living in Bangladesh. She says:

“In my view, peace means living with freedom. Leading life with no worries and having money for spending to meet needs.”

Advent prayer

God of peace, help us to see where we can work for a true and lasting peace in our own lives, in our homes, in our workplaces, in our Church and in our world. Amen.


Pray for true peace in our world. Use our peace prayers to inspire you.

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