Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 18 December

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“They will call him Emmanuel, a name which means ‘God-is-with-us’.” 

Matthew 1:23

Joseph is visited by the angel of the Lord who explains just how special Mary’s unborn child is.

This is the baby that will fulfil the words of the prophet. This child will be God-who-is-with-us.

How wonderful it is that God has sent his son, Jesus, to be with us. And not just to be with us but truly to be one of us.

Jesus knows what it is to be human, to feel pain, to feel joy, to struggle and to succeed. He knows what it is to be hungry and thirsty and tired. He knows what it is to be part of a family. And he is with us as we experience these things too.

So, as we prepare this Advent to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the moment when God came to be with us, let us also remember to look for Christ in one another.

For we know that each one of us, no matter who we are, is made in the image of God. And Jesus teaches us that in reaching out to those who are poorest and most marginalised, we are reaching out to him.

Let us acknowledge God who is with us in our brothers and sisters, in each member of our global family. And let us care for and protect one another and the earth so that each person can live a full and dignified life.

Advent prayer

Christ Jesus, you are with us always. Help us to recognise you in one another and to treat each other with respect and love. Amen.


Remembering that God is with us always, we are called to stand alongside others in our world.

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