Advent calendar reflection for 18 December

Boy in front of sofa.

Mahdi, who is now flourishing in school.

“In his days justice shall flourish and peace till the moon fails.” 

Psalm 71:7

Mahdi’s family arrived in Jordan after fleeing their home in Syria in 2013 due to the conflict. When Mahdi started school, he was still traumatised from his experiences, and he struggled to fit in. He had also been diagnosed with autism, but there was no support system in place at his school.  

Mahdi’s mother turned to a nearby CAFOD-funded project where she explained Mahdi’s situation. Soon after, Mahdi enrolled in the school, where he received the support he needed and started to make friends. Madhi and his siblings also received counselling sessions to help them deal with the trauma of fleeing their home and trying to make a new home away from everything and everyone they knew.  

Madhi’s mum says: “It has been a year now since my son has been in the Caritas school and I can see a huge change in his behaviour and attitude. I can’t express my happiness to see my son like this.”  

As we look forward to the fullness of peace and justice of which the psalmist speaks today, Mahdi’s story reminds us that we can make a difference if we participate in concrete ways to share God’s justice and peace with others. 

Advent prayer

God of peace, we pray for our troubled world, so full of conflict. Give us grace to prepare for your coming by being peacemakers in our homes, communities and our global family. Amen. 


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