Advent calendar reflection for 2 December

Woman walking away alongside pond.

Nomita by her fish pond in the rain

“Rain came down, floods rose, gales blew and struck that house, and it fell.” 

Matthew 7:27

Nomita in Bangladesh is no stranger to storms. She lives in one of the regions hardest-hit by climate change. Heavy rain and wind often destroy crops and homes. Twelve years ago, her husband died after being hit by lightning, leaving her to bring up her two children alone.  

Nomita says, “We’re seeing more storms than we used to. Nobody wants to die. When storms and cyclones come, your first thought is: ‘Yes, I have to save my life. I have to save my kids.’” 

Nomita’s daughter, Sonia, recalls Cyclone Mahasen in 2013: “Trees were ripped out of the ground, roofs were blown away, cattle died. We were in our home, but the roof blew off, so we took shelter in a neighbour’s house. Then their roof blew off too. I was very afraid...I thought: ‘If all the homes are destroyed, what will we do? Where will we go?’” 

Jesus’ story today reminds us of how important it is not just to hear his words but to put them into action, like the wise builder in the gospel. 

So, in this Advent season, we open our hearts to God’s word and what it means for our lives, for how we care for our world and all our global family, especially those who are most vulnerable. 

Advent prayer

God our refuge,
we pray for all those who suffer because of violent weather.
May we listen to your word and act upon it
so all people can flourish without fear.


Pray for those in our global family who are most vulnerable to severe weather events as our climate changes.

Pray with us

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