Advent calendar reflection for 2 December

People at a local community kitchen in Peru

Local community kitchens in Peru have been providing meals to vulnerable people during the coronavirus pandemic

“I feel sorry for all these people; they have been with me for three days now and have nothing to eat.” 

Matthew 15:32

Jesus has been surrounded by a large crowd of people for three days. They are all hungry and tired and he is filled with compassion for them.

This compassion is not just a feeling of sympathy. It spurs Jesus to action. He takes the food that the disciples have to offer, blesses and breaks it and shares it amongst the people. They all eat as much as they want.

In Peru, with CAFOD’s support, local organisations have been providing food to those affected by coronavirus. Through local community kitchens, meals are prepared and drinks are served, particularly to those who are most vulnerable: migrants, families living in poverty, those who are isolated or are unable to work because of the virus.

Without this support, many of the families may have fallen through the cracks, as they are not on lists to receive government grants or food basket schemes because local records are incomplete or inaccurate.

And so we pray this Advent, that our feelings of compassion may also spur us to action. In this way, we pray that all those in our local community, or around the world, who are facing the effects of coronavirus, may receive loving support.  

Advent prayer

Compassionate God, as we see the needs of others may we be moved to reach out in love to them, so that all your people may have enough. Amen.


We continue to hold in our prayers all those who are affected by coronavirus around the world.

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