Advent calendar reflection for 2 December

Majid sits with his wife and four of his daughters in his rented home

Majid with his wife Dana and four of their daughters in their rented home in Syria.

“For, over all, the glory of the Lord will be a canopy and a tent to give shade by day from the heat, refuge and shelter from the storm and the rain.” 

Isaiah 4:6

This vision of Isaiah is one of peace and rest for all people, who will find shelter under the glory of the Lord.

We all need somewhere to shelter. Somewhere to get out of the heat of the sun or to protect us from rain, wind and cold.

Majid and his family had to flee their home when the conflict in Syria reached their town.

Majid, his wife and six daughters now live in a single rented room in another part of Syria. The small space, an old shop, has a curtain separating the kitchen area from the living and sleeping area.

It’s not ideal, but it’s safe, and the family has no other options.

Majid takes odd jobs wherever he can to try to make ends meet, but it is not easy to cover the cost of food, rent and firewood.

Thanks to your support, we are working through the Catholic Church in Syria to assist people like Majid. He has been given cash towards his rent, which has made a huge difference.

Majid says, “Now we get help with the rent payments, I don’t have to worry every day about how I am going to get the money.

“We’ve been through days when we didn’t have a piece of bread in the house. When I found out we were going to receive help paying our rent, I was extremely happy. It was like a mercy from God.”

Advent prayer

God of refuge, you shelter us all with your love. Watch over those who have been forced to flee their homes. Work through us so that all our global family may have somewhere safe to live. Amen.


In your parish or group this Advent, please keep Majid and his family in your prayers. Download our Advent service or carol service to help you.

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