Advent calendar reflection for 21 December

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“I am happy with myself and my children are proud of me." Akilah in Lebanon.

“Ring out your joy to the Lord, O you just, O sing him a song that is new.” 

Psalm 32:2-3

The psalmist today reminds us of our call to joy. One of the ways we can nurture this joy is by being on the watch for good news and attentive to the day-to-day goodness and generosity of so many people who care for each other and for our world.  

Akilah was forced to flee her home in Syria in 2012 due to the war. When she first arrived in Lebanon with her four sons, she didn’t understand any English, and this quickly became a problem as that was the main language at her children’s school.  

Akilah signed up for CAFOD-funded English classes. She wanted to be able to support her sons with their schoolwork and to make friends. Now she feels confident speaking and writing in English. She can help her sons with their schoolwork and she has benefited too: “I am happy with myself and my children are proud of me. I am now more confident and more connected.” 

Let’s rejoice today with Akilah and look out for other reasons to ring out our joy to the Lord!

Advent prayer

God of joy,
fill us with your happiness and hope.
so that we may bring joy to others.


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