Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 21 December

Saba walks through the refugee camp she lives in in Bangladesh

Saba hopes to return to Myanmar one day and be reunited with her husband

“Now as soon as Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the child leapt in her womb.” 

Luke 1:41

Mary and Elizabeth are filled with joy at seeing one another again. Elizabeth’s unborn child leaps with joy on hearing Mary’s voice.

This year we all know too well what it is like to be separated from our relatives, from those we love. While technology has allowed many of us to keep in touch, it is not the same as being together, seeing one another in person, hugging, or sharing food.

We hope and pray that soon we will be able to see those we love. To meet up and socialise safely with friends, family or our parish community, without restrictions.

Saba also hopes to be reunited with someone important to her. While still in Myanmar, her husband was taken by an unknown group. Although Saba and her family searched for him, he could not be found. It was after this that Saba left Myanmar and fled to Bangladesh, with her children and father-in-law.

“We are holding onto a big hope that we could be able to return to Myanmar one day, and that we would get my husband back also. This is my hope for now.”

As we approach Christmas, we pray for all those who are alone, who are missing loved ones and who long to be reunited. May they feel the joy of Mary and Elizabeth one day soon.

Advent prayer

God of joy, fill us with your Spirit of hope and happiness. Work through us so that no one may feel forgotten, abandoned or alone. Amen.


Why not get in touch with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while?  

If you haven’t already, send a Christmas message to a brave human rights defender so that they know they are not alone.

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