Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 22 December

Volunteers wearing face masks stand next to some of the food they are distributing in the favelas of São Paulo

With CAFOD support, local organisations have trained volunteers to safely distribute food and hygiene packages to residents in favelas across São Paulo during the coronavirus outbreak. 

“The hungry he has filled with good things, the rich sent empty away.” 

Luke 1:53

Mary is filled with joy and sings her praise to the Lord. She is full of wonder in God who saves the poor and humble.  

She paints a picture of God’s kingdom – a kingdom of mercy, justice and welcome. A kingdom where the proud of heart will be brought down and the lowly raised up high. Where the hungry will be filled with good things.

In Brazil, many people lost their jobs overnight as cities adopted lockdown measures in an attempt to control the spread of coronavirus. Many low-paid and self-employed workers have used the meagre savings that they had and been left without money to buy food or other essentials.

Government emergency benefits, which are only a quarter of the minimum wage, have been very difficult for many of the most vulnerable people to access.

In the ‘favelas’ (shanty towns) of São Paulo and in other cities, we are supporting local organisations to get food and hygiene items to some of the most vulnerable families.

Regia, who lives in Fortaleza, a city in the North East of Brazil, says, “It is a difficult time because I don’t have a regular income. So the food parcel came just in time and it helped me a lot.”

Advent prayer

Almighty God, you do great things for us. Grant that we may work together to build a world that reflects your kingdom of mercy and justice, where all who are hungry are filled with good things. Amen.


Pray this grace before meals today and remember all those here and around the world who are struggling to get enough to eat.

Pray with us

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