Advent calendar reflection for 22 December

Group of school children and some adults hold up banners.

Archbishop Malcolm with pupils outside Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.

“He has pulled down princes from their thrones and exalted the lowly. The hungry he has filled with good things, the rich sent empty away.” 

Luke 1:52-53

Joy bursts forth from Mary’s song. God is coming to transform unjust structures in the world. To turn the conventional values of the world upside down. To join those who choose to have faith and hope, in building his Kingdom. 

Mary’s concerns and hopes are ones that we share today. "The world needs our help!” said a Year 6 pupil from Saint Vincent de Paul primary school, in Liverpool, who campaigned with CAFOD ahead of the COP26 world leader talks on climate change.  

Expressing how proud he was to see young people making their voice heard, Archbishop Malcolm McMahon of Liverpool had this message for them: 

“Being courageous isn't always easy. But your courage – your message – will change lives and will inspire more people than you will ever know, because your message isn't just your own, but is one which is inspired by God.” 

This Advent, let’s listen carefully to Mary’s song and discover God’s invitation to sing a new world into being, where creation is nurtured and all people have fullness of life.  

Advent prayer

Almighty God,
you sing your song of joy to us.
Breathe your spirit into our singing
until our words and our lives tell of your Kingdom
of mercy and justice.


If you have children or you help out with children’s liturgy, use our Magnificat family prayer sheet to explore Mary’s song together. 

Download the Magnificat prayer sheet

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