Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 22 December

Raisa, age 11, outside their rented home in Syria

Majid's daughter Raisa outside their rented home in Syria. She wants to be an architect so she can rebuild their city.

“When Joseph woke up he did what the angel of the Lord had told him to do: he took his wife to his home.” 

Matthew 1:24

Joseph has made up his mind to divorce Mary when the angel of the Lord appears to him and tells him not to be afraid. When he hears the angel he welcomes Mary and her unborn child into his home.

Home is so important. It is more than just a house or a place to live. It is a place of safety, of welcome. A place where we can be at rest, where we can be comfortable. It is the place where we belong.

In Syria, Majid and his family long to go home. His youngest daughter has never seen their home town, as she was born in the city where they live now. Despite this, she tells made up stories about their home woven from what she has heard from her sisters.

Majid’s eldest daughter, 11-year-old Raisa, wants to be an architect when she grows up so that she can help rebuild her city, which has been gutted by war.

When asked what he wishes for, Majid answers: “I wish for peace for the country and a comfortable life for all people. I wish for all the displaced people to return home.”

Let us join our hopes and prayers to his. May all people have a place to truly call home.

Advent prayer


you came and made your home among us,

nurtured and protected by Joseph and Mary.

As we prepare to celebrate your birth

be with us now,

especially with those of us who are seeking refuge,

and who long for a place to call home.

Comfort and protect us all, O Lord.



Give to our Advent appeal so that more people like Majid have somewhere to call home.  

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