Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 23 December

Vegetable garden World Gift

Through a Vegetable Garden World Gift more families can learn how to grow their own food

“He guides the humble in the right path; he teaches his way to the poor.” 

Psalm 24:9

We all have times when we need guidance in our lives. When we are not sure which way to turn. But it can be hard to accept the advice of others.

We may be too proud or ashamed to admit that we need help. Or we may be convinced that we are the only one that really understands our situation.

But the psalm reminds us today that God is always there to show us the way, if only we are willing to listen.

And God’s ways are faithfulness and love.

If we approach others in a spirit of faithfulness and love, it may be that they are more willing to accept our help when it is needed.

Cristina lives in rural Bolivia. She is married with four children. Her husband spends most of the year doing low-paid, seasonal work in the capital La Paz, so Cristina is responsible for farming the family’s land and providing food.

Through your support, Cristina has been helped to build a vegetable garden and she has learnt how to sow vegetables and irrigate her land. She is now able to produce enough food to feed her family by growing lettuce, maize, potatoes, onions and carrots.

She often has surplus crops which she can sell at the local market. The extra money has helped to pay for her two eldest children to go to university.

Advent prayer

Loving God, guide us in your ways of faithfulness and love. Move us to hold out our hand to others, to help them to find their way to a brighter future. Amen.


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