Advent reflection for 28 November

Silhouette of praying figure

Stay awake, praying at all times…

“Stay awake, praying at all times…”

Luke 21:36

Today is the beginning of Advent, the great season of expectant waiting. We wait in anticipation for the celebration of Jesus’ birth at Christmas and, as today’s gospel reminds us, we are also waiting in hope for the day when Jesus comes again. 

The gospel today is disturbing. As we hear Jesus predicting destruction and suffering, we may find ourselves lamenting all that is not right in our world: poverty, injustice, the climate crisis, the global pandemic. 

The opportunity of Advent is not to ignore this reality but to “stay awake, praying at all times”, as we yearn for and work for the coming of God’s Kingdom. As we enter this season of waiting, we remember it is a season of active waiting. We join Saint Paul’s prayer, asking God to increase our love for the whole human race, so that we can bring hope and healing to all creation. 

Advent prayer

Eternal God,  
you will come when we do not expect you.   
Help us to welcome you now in one another,   
to reach out to our sisters and brothers  
who are in need of care and support.  
In this way may we be found ready,  
when you come again in glory.   


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