Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 3 December

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“I bless you, Father, Lord of heaven and of earth, for hiding these things from the learned and the clever and revealing them to little children.” 

Luke 10:21

Jesus is filled with the Holy Spirit, praising God for his new disciples. He compares them to little children, as they are willing to see things differently and to believe.

Children have a special way of looking at the world. They are curious and interested and full of imagination. They are keen to learn and open to new ideas.

But not all children have the chance to go to school and fulfil their potential.

As a child, Melissa lived on the streets of Mabanga in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She had to beg to survive. She couldn’t afford her school fees and so she had to drop out.  

But then Melissa joined a CAFOD-funded school and learned to read and write. She encourages other young girls to go to school and has even spoken out on local TV and radio about the challenges of educating homeless children.

Now, aged 21, she wants to go to university and become a lawyer or a journalist.

“I feel good about myself,” she says, “When I look at where I have come from, I really feel that my future is bright.”

Advent prayer

God of wonder, watch over your children throughout the world. May they all have the chance to learn and build a better future. Amen.


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