Advent calendar reflection for 3 December

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The La Larga and Tumaradó Afro-Colombian Community Council (COCOLATU)

“And their sight returned.” 

Matthew 9:30

Today’s gospel is about seeing. The story of Jesus healing the two blind men is an opportunity to ask ourselves what things we are blind to. In our world we see so much violence, injustice and indifference. At times we can feel overwhelmed and find it hard to picture any other reality. 

However, we can trust that God sees differently. God sees the possibility of change, of transformation for our suffering world. He invites us to share that vision, as expressed by the prophet Isaiah, who promises that the poor will rejoice in the Lord and tyrants will be no more. 

Pablo, one of the leaders of La Larga and Tumaradó Afro-Colombian Community Council (COCOLATU), shares this vision too. He works hard for the rights of the people of the different communities in the collectively owned land in the Urabá region in Colombia, who have been displaced from their land as local businesses and armed groups have illegally exploited natural resources and use large areas for agro-industrial crop production and extensive cattle grazing.   

Despite difficulties and threats, Pablo holds onto the vision that one day his community will be able to live again in freedom and peace. “Before, we could go out fishing and not fear someone crossing our path or telling us to not go somewhere because something will happen to us. I dream of passing one another along the riverbank and living in communion.”  

This Advent we are invited to see in a new way. To see where God is already present and inviting us to join him in renewing the world. 

Advent prayer

Jesus, giver of sight,
open our eyes to see as you do.
Strengthen your vision within us,
of a renewed human community
in a renewed creation.


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